Make A

Bring together your community to create better players and better people by making your event a Play Better Charity Challenge.

How It Works

  1. Start a Play Better Charity Challenge to run alongside your tournament
  2. Designate prizes, like ‘Soccer Drills  with the Pros’, that excite your participants
  3. Come up with exciting ways for teams to earn money for their cause. We’re here to help you with ideas!
  4. Award the winning team the prize, and celebrate the charitable impact with everyone!

By working with Play Better, and inviting players, teams and coaches to add a charity to their competition, you’ll ensure every team is fully engaged – regardless of the end result! In addition to opening your event to opportunities for celebrity involvement from Team Play Better and media endorsement, you’ll be making a major difference in your community and to the mindset of youth sports today. All of this, at no cost to you!

A Play Better aligned tournament comes with hands-on support and advice to make the experience both successful and transformative for everyone involved. If you’re interested in improving the quality of and community surrounding youth sports, contact us today.

Set Your Tournament Apart

Play Better is a Chimp Sports program.
Chimp empowers Canadians to give to or fundraise for any charity in Canada

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