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“I’ve been to every Play Better Boot Room except one and met hundreds of coaches in the community and had the pleasure of learning from some top level coaches. Always a blast to have have pint and chat football!”

President of Ladner Soccer Association, youth soccer coach

Learn with us as we work to build a new generation of better hockey, soccer, basketball and other youth sports players in Canada, by building a system focused on personal and team growth, for charity.

Together, we’re building a grassroots movement that supports player development based on gender/age development, by looking at best practices for scheduling, setting goals, and looking at player growth as the key goal. The Play Better Program is a program that brings accountability, through charitable donations based on metrics that you identify, to Long Term Player Development stages. Our system keeps coaches, parents and players accountable for their different milestones, and builds a culture of team and individual development.

Play Better supports coaches who are interested in nurturing the development of young players as they learn how to train, play and work together so that, as they continue in sport and focus more and more on the competition, they’re building on a solid foundation as players and as people.


  • Season calendar, expectations, documents and contracts for parents, players and coaches
  • Long Term Player Development accountability plan
  • Play Better values and The Commandments for players and coaches and families
  • Planning documents to help you roadmap your year

Join Our Coaches’ Boot Room

for coaches

Want to meet up with like-minded coaches to share best practices in youth sports training ? Come check out the Coaches’ Boot Room.

At these meetings, you’ll get the chance to meet up with coaches at all levels, from club team volunteers to pro mentors, to share coaching strategies focused on skills development and community building.

Come on out and learn with us as we work on building a new generation of better hockey, soccer, basketball and other youth sports players in Canada.

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Tony Waiters – Canadian Head Coach, 1986 Mexico World Cup
Jason Devos – Current TSN soccer analyst / former Canadian National team captain
Sipho Sibiya – Former Canadian National Futsal Coach

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