This Is How You Play Better

Play Better aims to change the game of youth sports by changing the reward.
By focusing on player development and teamwork as the reward, you change the game and the way young players compete. Better people working as a team to achieve their athletic goals, better players teaming up to give back in their community; in the end, it’s about everyone learning to Play Better.

how play better works
how play better works
how play better works


Choose Your Cause

Involve your players by letting them choose a cause that matters to them

how play better works


Choose a Technical Goal

For example, 100 completed passes per game. Setting this goal sets the achievable metric, shifting the reward

how play better works


Start An Online Giving Group

Collect rewards, encourage participation and give to charity through a Chimp “Giving Group.”

how play better works


Invite Parents and Supporters

Invite parents to reward the achieved goals with a small gift to the team’s cause

What is Chimp?

Join The Play Better Movement

Play Better is a Chimp Sports program.
Chimp empowers Canadians to give to or fundraise for any charity in Canada

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